Welcome to Soc&kom! This is the official website for StudOrg, the organisation for all students at Svenska social- och kommunalhögskolan. Here you can find information about StudOrg and the events and common things. If you have any questions - don’t be afraid to ask!


StudOrg in a nutshell

StudOrg (StudentOrganisationen vid Svenska social- och kommunalhögskolan vid Helsingfors universitet rf.) is the studentorganisation for all the students at Soc&kom.

We organize parties and other events like bowling, movienights, seminaries, theater, sports… Everyone is welcome to join!

Soc&komposten is our own studentmagazine. If you are interested in writing an article or take photos, contact the editor in chief.

All our international students are welcome to participate in or organize our events, just like every other student at Soc&kom.

The StudOrg-room is our own room where you can take one two three cups of coffee or tea (for free!) and talk with other students about everything and nothing.


The Board of StudOrg

The board consist of ten students who run the organisation. The board is chosen for one year at a time by members of StudOrg. This year the board consist of:

Chairman: Amanda Åström

FreshmenDaddy: Alex Thilman

Secretary: Annika Hätinen

Treasurer: Peggy Johansson

UtisDaddy: Jesper Laitinen

Clubmaster: Jessica Björklöf

Char of the party committée and Master of ceremonies: Tua Heimbürger

Chair of the Studies and Employment committée: Emmi Piippo

Chair of the programme committée: Mirjam Ekelund

Coordinator of the Anniversary year and vice chairman: Titus Wahlgren


The Committées

StudOrg has seven different committées which are responsible for different events and happenings. Anybody who is interested can join one, or several committées and make sure that our activities and student life stay amazing. If you are really active, you get benefits like free events or drinks etc. These are our committées:

The Party Committée: This committée organizes sitsit and parties approximately once a month. Come and join the committée’s meetings and get to influence the theme for the next party!

The Programme Committée: Organizes events that are not parties, like movienights, bowling, sports, theater, breakfast, Lazer Tag… We have our own sportsteam Lokomotiv Såssåkom if you wanna play futsal or floorball against other studentorganisations!

The Communication Committée: Is responsible for our studentmagazine Socokomposten. The editor in chief this year (2017) is Otto Pettersson if you wanna write some articles or take some photos for the magazine!

The Freshmen Committée: This committée consist of eleven tutors which are chosen every spring. They help our freshmen out in the fall and show up at almost every of our events, especially in autumn.

The Studies and Employment Committée: A committée that is more quiet, but very important! Functionaries in this committée keeps in touch with the university and our student rights. They also organize study visits and different seminaries.

The International Committée: Consist of UtisMommy or -Daddy and two international tutors. Makes sure that exchange students get involved in our student life.

The Committée for the Annual Ball: Organizes the year’s biggest and finest party - the Annual Ball! This year the Ball takes place October 27th 2017!


StudOrg ABC

Coccare - Cocktail-occasion before the sits! Starts one hour before the sits.

Gulis - Freshmen at Soc&kom

Gamyl - The elder ones

Halare - Student overalls. At Soc&kom we wear yellow ones! If you want an overall of your own, contact your UtisMommy/Daddy and/or GulisMommy/Daddy.

Nypolen - Where the parties take place. Mannerheimvägen 5A, 4th floor.

Sits - Student party! We eat, drink and sing in good company. After the sits there’s an afterparty.

StudOrg-room - Our own room at Soc&kom

Tutor - Person who helps you out and organizes events. There are two utistutors per semester and eleven tutors for the other freshmen.

Unicafé - Student Cafeteria. http://www.unicafe.fi/#/9/2

Utis - You! This nickname comes from the Swedish word “utbytesstuderande”, which means exchange student.

UtisMommy/-Daddy - The person who is responsible for the exchange-students! If you have any troubles or questions, just ask her/him, your tutors or anybody else at school.

Årsfest - The biggest and finest party of the year!



Useful links:

Library card: https://elomake.helsinki.fi/lomakkeet/44022/lomake.html

Printing: http://tulostus.unigrafia.fi/tulostussaldo/

General about applying: https://www.helsinki.fi/en/studying/how-to-apply/exchange-studies

New students: https://www.helsinki.fi/en/studying/new-students

Courses in english: https://www.helsinki.fi/en/studying/new-students/courses-in-english

Student stories:  https://www.helsinki.fi/en/swedish-school-of-social-science/studying/studying-at-sockom/student-stories